Our partners

We work with organizations that share our goals.

When it comes to waste, recycling is often thought of as the best option, but it’s more like the last. That’s why our first priority is finding partners that can reuse, repurpose or repair items.

Is there a nonprofit, artist or community organization we should be working with on a collection item or event? Let us know!

Chicago Creative Reuse Exchange
Reuseable packing and shipping materials.

Cellphones for Seniors
A program of the Cook County Sheriff’s Office.

Danielle Cares for Chairs
Plastic bread tags

Digs with Dignity
Cookware, food storage containers and extension cords in good condition.

Reuseable packing and shipping materials.

Got Sneakers
Athletic sneakers, cleats (rubber only), lifestyle/casual sneakers and hiking.

Lions Club
Usable glasses for the Lions Recycle For Sight Program (via SCARCE)

Nowhere Collective
Various art materials for their community of remakers.

Open Books
Sellable book in good condition, including fiction, nonfiction, craft books, cookbooks, children’s books, and more!

Books, crayons, markers and other school supplies.

Trash People of Logan Square
Great co-conspirators, we collaborate with TPLS to collect a variety of materials, including holiday lights, plastic utensils and bras.

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