Interested in making a difference?

Eight volunteers gather for a group photo at a Reduce Waste Chicago collection event in October

We offer several volunteer opportunities throughout the year. At our events, volunteers accept, sort and pack items for shipment, as well as help load and unload trucks. They help us sort our storage unit and transport items to other nonprofits. They do everything.

Interested? Check out one of the dates below, click the button and signup today! And don’t forget to subscribe to our email newsletter to be notified when new volunteer opportunities arise.

We’re also interested in your skillsets, too! We have lots of “office” volunteer opportunities. (That’s what we’re calling non-event work … for now .) We’d love to learn about what you’d like to contribute or even just your professional feedback on what we can do better. Drop us an email at ReduceWasteChicago@gmail.com and say hi.

However you’d like to volunteer, you will feel the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a difference.

Sunday, Oct. 1
at The Sustainability Market (North Center Town Square)

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